Building a REST API with Node, KOA and PostgreSQL

This post describes how to create a REST API using Node, KOA and PostgreSQL. It’s intended for beginners but is based on best practice. Most articles for beginners will tell you to focus on understanding the basics and don’t worry about design practices. They are probably right but that’s just not how my mind works. You should have your development environment ready with Node, NPM and Git installed before starting. If you need help; look at my previous articles on setting up your web development environment and getting started with Git. All of the code is documented below but the complete application code is here if you want to refer to it as you follow along.

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A beginners guide to using Git

Git is a free and open source version control system. What this basically means is that you can use Git to store your projects and their files and it will keep track of different versions and changes to the files for you. You can use Git to store and manage files locally on your PC but most likely you will want to use one of the free cloud services that allows you to store the files online. Storing the files online makes it easier to share your projects and it also serves as a way to back up your file in case your PC crashes.

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One question you will be asked in your next interview and why you’ll mess it up

There is one interview that you are guaranteed to be asked in every job interview. Whats more it’ll probably be the very first question you are asked. If it’s not first then it will come second or third after “would you like a glass of water?” and “did you have any trouble finding the office?”. Considering it’s guaranteed to be asked I am always surprised at how poorly this question is answered and how people consistently fail to prepare for it.

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Why startups and corporates don’t always work so well together

I recently interviewed for a role where I would be helping startups and corporates in the #fintech and #insuretech space to engage and partner with each other. Whenever I look at a new opportunity I like to think about what it will take to really succeed in the role. I started thinking about the challenges startups and traditional corporations sometimes face when trying to work together and how to overcome them.

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